Tidal Theory - Dark Tidal Bucket Bag

This hybrid bucket clutch bag is cut & hand stitched with Italian black leather. Sturdy to stand tall yet soft for flexibility. Uniquely designed with a wristlet through a brass ring to keep the bag closed with the reinforcement of a magnetic button.
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What I'm Made Of:
Premium Leather, Waxed Nylon Thread, Solid Brass
Unlined to show off its beautiful deep black interior color, with a small convenient pocket.
Closure includes magnetic button
Made in Hawaii

How To Care For Me:
With its leather protectant finish already added, any spot cleans needed please use a soft cloth with a very mild cleanser or saddle soap and wipe clean. Follow with a leather conditioner to keep its luster.

Height- 10"
Width- 5"
Wristlet- 5.5"
Tassel- 9"

Why I'm Special:
Each piece from start to finish is constructed by hand and sewn with waxed thread. Finished with a premium leather conditioner for long lasting protection.