Ulu Mana 6 Pack Hawaiian Hummus

Get 6 Pack Ulu Mana Hawaiian Hummus delivered right to your door anywhere in the US. Vegan, Gluten Free, No Preservatives. See more details below
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Hawaiian Hummus was created by taking old time recipes and adapting them to be made with the local superfood crop of breadfruit. The result is a spread that is equally delicious, somewhat familiar and excitingly new all in one bite.

-2 Totally Turmeric- This hummus is known to be our flagship flavor, it is tangy and savory. 
-2 Hoppin' Jalapeno-Based on our turmeric recipe but with an added kick for those that like just the right amount of heat! 
-1 Bangin' Beet- Bright in color and flavor! It is delicious by itself but also goes well with chips and raw veggies as a dip, or as a compliment to your favorite salad or bowl.
-1 Fun-dried Tomato- This flavor is rich with a spice blend including the slight citrus from coriander and the sweet pepper flavor of Spanish paprika.

Vegan. Paleo. Delicious. Handmade with Hawaiian grown breadfruit ('Ulu)

All Ulu Mana order will be shipped separately by Ulu Mana Inc.