A Story of Women Coming Together

Happy International Women's Day!!

It's me, Summer, Owner and Designer of Ten Tomorrow. I wanted to write this blog to share the story behind this collaboration and how it evolved to what it is now... 

It started out as friends creating a bracelet set around the idea of Women's Day. I really liked the idea of the old-school friendship bracelet; you know, the bracelets with the half broken heart that complete each other. While I would NEVER wear one of those now...the idea and that feeling it brings was what I wanted to explore. Misha, Owner and Designer of Misha Hawaii, happily agreed to collaborate on the project. Together the design was solidified and the set was completed.

We really love how it blends both brand's aesthetic in a new way. Ten Tomorrow is always about asymmetry and refined minimalist details. Misha Hawaii is famous for her use of pearls and bringing elegance to a beach lifestyle. We purposefully chose 2 different bracelets (rather than mirror images of each other) to complete the set. This was our way to be inclusive - friends can have different tastes or want to share this moment with you and you can each buy a set to complete the other's. Either way, I'd say mission accomplished on designing a "BFF Bracelet" I'd actually wear. 

Then...over the weekend, the idea evolved into something much bigger. Something Misha and I could be even more proud of. For weeks we've been listening to news about Ukraine. Like so many others, we felt so helpless seeing images and videos unfolding. Shocked. Horrified. Heartbroken. And so, we wanted to use this collaboration to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and help in some way.

hope for peace

Let's start by highlighting Sunflower of Peace. Sunflower of Peace is founded by Katya Malakhova, who emigrated to the US from Ukraine. Due to the Russian invasion, they have directed the organization towards providing medical and humanitarian aid to paramedics and doctors in areas affected by the violence in Ukraine. They are acquiring and distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival that are saving hundreds of lives. The sunflower is Ukraine's national flower and has now become a symbol of strength and independence. With each bracelet sold, Misha Hawaii and TT will be donating 20% of proceeds to Sunflower of Peace. Together with you, we will be contributing to making a difference.

This conflict has hit home for me. My sister married someone from Ukraine (he and his family are safe). Together they recently had a baby, my nephew. When I checked in with them recently to ask how they were doing, they said they were ok but sad. They were hoping to take my nephew back to Ukraine one day to visit and see where his family was from. What's happening now makes that dream seem even farther away. I tear as I write this - my family is profoundly private but I felt like sharing this one part of our story.  It's incredible how even though we are on this little island (and how lucky we are to be here), we are still connected to things so far away. 

So this bracelet set stands for friendship, womanhood, love, hope, and most of all peace. I truly would not be here writing this without the support of so many women and I believe together we can make a difference. 

Thank you again for all your support of our little brand and our endeavors. 

If you'd like to make a donation on your own you can do so here:

Or here is an excellent CBS article on other charties or ways to help:


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