Drop-off quality: We accept Ten Tomorrow clothing that functions perfectly and is in good condition. We are unable to accept items in the following conditions:

  • Damaged: Items with heavy or excessive visible issues are ineligible. Examples include but are not limited to: Holes, broken zippers, material “bubbling,” heavy debris, heavy scuffs, heavy scratches, heavy fading, or if the item is singed (lightly burned), excessive shrinkage
  • Items that are pilling (when knitted fabric forms small balls or fluff on the surface of the garment) or have heavy matting
  • If an item shows heavy discoloration, or the color of the garment is severely sun faded it may not be eligible.
  • Excessive pet hair: We love furry companions but please remove their hair/fur before trading in your garments.
  • Incomplete: Items missing essential components (i.e. detachable hood, pocket bags, buttons or snaps, etc.)
  • Note: Items must have both the size and care tag with product details attached to be accepted. (The care tag is the sewn-in white label with material and care instructions.)

Our best advice is to bring items that you would buy again yourself if you saw them in our store!

(At this time, we are only accepting pieces brought to the store.)

Turnaround time: We will contact you within one week from your drop-off date to let you know which of your items were selected and which were not. PLEASE NOTE: We do not process on the spot.

Pricing: There are five price categories for Take Two’s resale items. Our team will determine a garment’s resale category based on its quality.

Selling Price

Consignor’s payout as credit


20% - $1.80


30% - $5.70


40% - $11.60


50% - $19.50


60% - $29.40



  1. New With Tags (NWT)- New With Tags items are brand new, never worn, with the tags still attached. 
  2. Excellent Condition - This item is in excellent condition with only light signs of wear, if any. Hardly worn and has been very well maintained, although it may have slight defects from wear. Any flaws or alterations must be clearly described when listing the item. 
  3. Good Condition - This item is in good condition with minor signs of wear: minor wear on fabric. This item is worn but is well maintained.
  4. Very Used Condition- This heavily discounted item still has a lot of life left, but may show signs of wear.  

Unselected items: You may opt to pick up your unselected items or to have us donate them for you. PLEASE NOTE: Your unselected items/bin will be donated if they have not been picked up within 72 hours of notification

PLEASE NOTE: After processing is complete, should you change your mind and decide NOT to consign at Ten Tomorrow, there will be a $25 processing fee to cover the costs of researching, inspecting, sorting, tagging, steaming and hanging your items.

Payout: Ten Tomorrow will issue a credit in the form of a gift card for the Consignor’s percent of all proceeds, not including any applicable sale tax charged and shipping costs, to the Consignor at the beginning of the following month, on or before the 15th, for the sale of their item(s) during that particular month.

Returns: At this time, all sales are final.

If you have any questions about Ten Tomorrow’s Take Two, please contact us at contact@tentomorrow.com.

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