All About That HI Life

You probably already know, but TEN TOMORROW is based in Honolulu, HI. Most of our team is actually born and raised right here on Oahu. We LOVE home. 

Since participating in the Renegade Craft Fair and making more friends abroad, we decided we wanted to share our favorite things about home. You know, just in case anyone decides they want to visit us here :) OR to give you locals, weekend ideas! 

This is our field guide to Oahu and some things to check out! 

When we travel, we plan our day around food - so let's start there!

Koko Head Cafe is our FAVORITE brunch place! Sweet and savory fusion dishes & daily specials. If you're in Hawaii, you have to try Hawaiian local food. The one & only Helena's is a MUST.  Go all in with sushi at Katsu Midori. Great prices, good portions, and you'll feel like you're in Tokyo.


Unwind and get a little tipsy with these unique bars (each with their own signature drinks).

Bar Leather Apron has award-winning cocktails of the ol' fashion type and modern innovations.

Skull and Trading Co - Its got a PINEAPPLE WHIP RUM FLOAT. YES. Sunshine & booze in a drink. Check out Off The Wall. They've got a HUGE selection of local brews and wine.

HI is obviously a destination full of day adventures and you'll need snacks to get you to the next meal :)

OOo all the treat things. Pipeline Bakery & Creamery has literally EVERYTHING.  When it's hot out, we eat GELATO! Via Gelato. Every day has different local handmade flavors. Lin's Snack Shop is where you get REAL LOCAL. Get pre-packaged munchies for here or home.


You'll never run out of things to do but here are a few ideas that will be unforgettable.

Go snorkeling! Depending on your skill level, there are tours & several good locations. Turtle Canyon in Waikiki is our fave. Hiking, there are hundreds of trails of all varieties. This one is the Wiliwilinui Hike! EVERY Friday, Waikiki puts on a fireworks show over the ocean. Grab a blanket, make a picnic night of in Waikiki or Ala Moana Park.


We are SUPER passionate about supporting local, here are our favorite local stores (with local brands).

Our neighbor in Kaimuki is Awa + Olena! You can find several locally made goodies for everyone. South Shore Market has the most unique array of local shops. It's an all-in-one kinda place. For tropical flowers and home goods - visit Paiko! It's a literally a paradise store.


Well, we hope you enjoyed our little guide to Oahu :) Don't hesitate to email us if you need information, suggestions, and more! We are always happy to share and connect. 

Have the best day and we hope to see you soon,
TT Team

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