Blue Bird Jewelry x Ten Tomorrow Collaboration

Are you ready?? We've been teasing our next collaboration on Instagram and it's finally time to share ALL the details :) We've paired up with Blue Bird Jewelry Hawaii to create our very own, exclusive, EARRING designs! We've hosted a couple pop-ups with Blue Bird Jewelry in the past but this year, we wanted to do something EXTRA special together. 

First, let us introduce Jana - the beautiful creative behind Blue Bird Jewelry. Sometimes working with other designers can be hard, complicated, or competitive...working with Jana is a dream. We share a love of organization, communication, and all the murder-crime shows :) She's got the biggest heart too. Did we mention we love her bird Chu Chi Girl?! Anyway, here is a snapshot of who she is...

Now, without further ado, here are the collaboration pieces we came up with together: (PS You can shop all of them online 

BBxTT Pendulum Hoop (Labradorite)
This style is the perfect blend of BBxTT aesthetic coming together. It's modern, chic, and minimalistic. We both love the movement this piece shares - it has an orbital, pendulum effect when wearing it. Also, you can't catch the flash labradorite gives but it's Summer's favorite gemstone.

BBxTT Embellished Hoop (Peach Moonstone)
Honestly, we couldn't decide on just one collab design (which was the original plan) now we have two! The Embellished Hoop turned out so wonderfully. When Jana added the extra bar, we instantly fell in love - it's such a unique look. 

BBxTT Embellished Hoop (Sky Blue Quartz)
Ok, Jana invited Summer to accompany her at a jewel trade show so she could handpick the actual stones that will be placed on the pieces. It was an overwhelming experience and the result is now 2 colors available for the Embellished Hoop! 

In celebration of this collaboration we are doing TWO things:

1. We are launching a brand new style : The HARPER Dress 
This is a design based on our original "Basic T-Shirt Dress", it was a fan fave that needed some updating.

2. Blue Bird Jewelry will be popping up in our boutique to showcase her regular collection along side our collaboration pieces. Her line is absolutely gorgeous and we are excited to have her for a short period of time. 

Here's the fun part - to showcase how versatile the HARPER Dress is, we did a styling pairing with all Blue Bird Jewelry! See below how to wear this one dress for THREE different scenarios: Casual, Career, or Fancy!




All these beautiful pieces will be available in-store starting Monday (1/27)! Some of them are one-of-a-kind so don't miss out - call us at 808-591-6219 to place a phone order for something you need :) Also, fun fact : all these handbags are also in-store (thanks Umbrella Collective)!

Thank you everyone for reading along so far, we hope you enjoyed this styling project and our latest collaboration!

I, Summer, just wanted to share a little bit more. The whole process of this started as a fun idea but it ended up being a deep experience that I'm so grateful for. Working creatively with another designer can be complicated and competitive but like I said earlier, this wasn't the case. In fact, I have such a newfound respect for Jana and the art of jewelry making. She really let me into her world. There are so many fine details that she pays attention to: gemstones, chain/wire, size, weight, balance...and the list can go on eternally. Some of these aspects overlap with fashion like gravity, variance in quality, and color. I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to work with her and create these designs together. I can't wait for you to all see it and the rest of her collection. Here is a quick collage of the peek into our work together :) 

I really can't wait to share all this with everyone!

Summer (and the TT Team

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