Color Inspiration - Spring 2017

So each season Pantone comes out with a list of forecasted trend colors.  To be honest, we usually don't pay any attention to it because we pick colors based on what WE like instead researching what the industry is drawn to :P HOWEVER, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that for this season, WE ARE SO ON TREND! We decided to share a sneak peek at our newest collection coming out and how they relate to the Pantone colors of the season!  We are super thrilled to share these new silhouettes too...


Pantone 18-0107 "Kale"

Jennifer Cold Shoulder Dress

Kale. As a vegetable we can agree to disagree on taste BUT as a color...WE LOVE.  It's darker than our last green and we can't get enough of it.  It's ALMOST feels like a neutral, like a grey, maybe because it wears easier than a bright color. Either way, while we won't eat "Kale" we will definitely wear it! 

Pantone 19-4045 "Lapis Blue"

Carrie Tulip Tank Dress

Pantone 17-4123 "Niagara"

Sienna Asymmetrical Dress

Blue blue we love thee. We try to fit in as much blue as we can.  It's a tone that we try to fit in year-around.  This Lapis Blue and Niagara pantone is beautiful...It's rich and elegant.  It's complex - we bring out a darkness when paired with navy or black but it can be brighten with ivory.  It reminds us of the ocean...different blues complementing each other.  This new diamond print fabric is a blend of both hues.

Pantone 13-0755 "Primrose Yellow"

 Tommy T-shirt Dress

Ok so our yellow isn't as sunshiney as this pantone BUT it's close :)  While we would love to design in Primrose Yellow, we aren't sure if anyone would be interested in wearing it...It's a hard color to pull off! Anyway, we chose more of a mustard color. W think it accents the blue and olive just as nice!  

Well that's that!! We are totally cool according to Pantone!! We hope you are as excited as us with this new collection.  Stay tuned to when it hits stores....

Ten Tomorrow Team

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