Halloween Outfit Ideas - Chic Treats


If you're like us - you LOVE this holiday BUT you never have time to find (or make) a costume! SO... fear not, we've curated a few outfit ideas that will last longer than just one delightfully spooky night.  These looks are not just playful costumes BUT ALSO chic ensembles for the rest of the year. Why not spend money on something you can wear more than once right?? 

Did we mention to help with last minute costume ideas we are offering up to 30% off select styles that are just TRICK or TREAT worthy :) 

The Haute Hippie 

Get groovy with these 70's Woodstock inspired looks! We just threw on some affordable heart sunglasses, feather earrings or a headscarf, and old boots.  Use the good ol' eyeliner for a peace-sign on the cheek and you're ready for all that free love, peace-on-earth shenanigans!

Cute Creatures

Maybe you want to be a magical creature this year?  All these looks are available in-store only...we do take phone orders though so don't hesitate to call us.  We just had to add in our BFF brand Allison Izu's Halloween looks too. Our newest team member Zoe looks just adorable as a deer and cat!  Summer decided on a subtle bumble-bee - headband provided by Target! 

 The Classics

Which side are you on? Light vs Dark...Good vs Evil? Either way we've got you covered! Again - easy accessories can complete your outfit.  Hocus Pocus is our FAVORITE Halloween flick so we chose a household vacuum instead of a broom but to each their own.  Don't forget to check out our online Halloween sale HERE.  ALL black dresses are on sale! 

 More Ideas by Allison Izu

We obviously had a FUN FUN time shooting these looks for you! Tehehe Allison got creative printing on labels to stick a Jack-o-Lantern on her top and reworking black to suit her vampire side.  Sanna is our space girl for those of you who need cool cosmo-print pants! 

Visit us in-store Monday 10/30 through Tuesday 10/31 to save on these looks + more! Or shop online while you can (not all looks are available online).  We hope this helps your Halloween go smoother! Be safe - EAT LOTS OF CANDY!!!

Ten Tomorrow Team

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