Hanalei x TT - Self Care September

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Summer.

It's almost the end of September, which is just crazy... Anyone else feel like time is flying by while also not passing fast enough? Every day seems to be a rollercoaster all tied together within a marathon. Needless to say, self care has been at the forefront of my mind specifically. 

Soooo, what a perfect time to share our next collaboration! We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with HANALEI COMPANY on some exclusive things for you to spoil yourself with :) 

Just a quick background - Hanalei Company is based in Honolulu (Kaimuki to be exact). They make all their products with island botanicals from Kauai like kukui nut oil, sugarcane, and tropical fruits. I don't have too many skincare brands in my bathroom that are local...oh and did I mention that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free; so this is extra special. 

I've been playing around with some of their products for the last couple months and I wanted to share my faves here. Let me start by saying, I'm not someone who invests in beauty products or spa days...I like my "getting ready" routine to be quick and easy. In fact, since COVID, it's been reduced to a bare minimum. So on that note, I found all the products I tried to be wonderful and confident it's a no-fuss investment for ANYONE. (PS all pictures in this blog have been taken by me from home, just wanted to showcase everything as I experienced it)


The Sugar Lip Scrub was such a simple delight. Like I said before, I don't do facials or go to spas - but I felt like taking the time in the morning to use this was equivalent to slowing down and enjoying your hot coffee before work. After a hot shower, I just used a Q-Tip to apply a tiny bit of the scrub to my lips. Not only was it effective in scrubbing away dry skin (which I ALWAYS have), it was yummy :) 


Ok next MUST HAVE product I want to share is their Kukui Body Lotion. I have REALLY sensitive skin so I'm always hesitant trying new lotions but this one is my latest obsession. I'm almost out and re-ordering soon. It's silky, light-weight, and the smell is so subtle yet fresh. It's not girly either, so Chad has been trying as well. I don't know about you, but my hands have been DRY DRY DRY from all the hand sanitizer we use these days and this lotion has saved me. I also use on my arms and legs occasionally. Also pictured is the Aloe Gel - which I found useful for sunburns...I just haven't been going out that much. 


I saved the best for last...I know we don't really even see anyones lips anymore but it was just nice to have a local brand that I carry around every day and use. I'm a "chapstick" collector - I have one in my purse, in the car, at the office, and in EVERY ROOM at home. So Hanalei's LIP BALM is now everywhere. I found it best to put on right after the lip scrub and then apply as needed. My favorite flavor is Lilikoi, but they are all amazing.

The LIP TREATMENT, is slightly different. It's like a gloss/tint. It's a little sticky at first but I really felt like it was moisturizing...I put it on around the house (since I don't want color stuck in my masks) and it was nice to feel a little prettier; made for much more presentable Zoom calls!
Below are my two fave colors:

  1. PEACH PINK - which matched my lip shade perfectly for a boosted nude look 
  2. DRAGON FRUIT - if there was ever a time to dress up, this would be my choice over lipstick

Don't either of these colors look great with our classic CHARTREUSE

Ok well thanks for reading along!! As far as exclusive deals go....Here is everything you need to know about our partnership with HANALEI COMPANY!

    • Get 15% off ALL Ten Tomorrow items + FREE Shipping
    • Get 30% off ALL Hanalei items (Free Shipping on orders $20+)
    • While supplies last, any TT order (online or in-store) will get a FREE Travel Size Lip Treatment
    • ONE lucky winner will receive a $100 Gift Card from both Hanalei x TT 
    • CLICK HERE to enter to win our giveaway, all you need is to enter your name + email (optional IG handle)
    • Follow @hanaleicompany + @tentomorrow on Instagram for 50 extra entries
    • Entries close 9/30 and a winner will be announced 10/1

Thanks for always supporting us and all our collaboration projects! Fingers crossed we can open soon, until then - sending you all virtual hugs and we will catch you online :) 

& The TT Team

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