Keep It Kaimuki Saturday : FAQs & TT Deals

Hello Everyone!! 

By now you should all know about our Black Friday deals... This is a day that needs no explaining or introduction at this point right? Instead we wanted to dedicate a blog to KEEP IT KAIMUKI SATURDAY!

What is Keep It Kaimuki Saturday?
Nationally the Saturday after Black Friday is known as "Small Business Saturday". It's a day to celebrate small business owners all over America.  We in Kaimuki however, renamed it "Keep It Kaimuki Saturday". Our neighborhood is filled with local-small-business owners and once a year we come together to support each other and activate Kaimuki as a community. This year it's happening on Saturday, November 30th.

What can we expect to find on Keep It Kaimuki Saturday?
This year we have over 40 businesses signed up from the bottom of Waialae Ave. to the top of Koko Head Ave. Everyone is offering a pop-up, deal, or discount up to 25% off! It's a great day to eat, shop, and support Kaimuki. For a complete list of participating businesses - visit KEEPITKAIMUKI.COM

What's happening at Kaimuki Park?
Kaimuki Park is the HUB for the whole day - you can go visit the Kaimuki Business & Professional Association Booth to grab a map to show you where everyone is :) There will also be live music, entertainment, free yoga and a food truck rally! HINT: Jake Shimabukuro is the headliner and will be performing at 12:45PM

Where can we park in Kaimuki?
There will be several lots available - CLICK HERE for the official map. The giant blue "P"s are the parking lots open to customers. Also, there is FREE VALET parking at Queen Liliuokalani School too. 

What is TEN TOMORROW offering?
Ok, this is the total breakdown of everything in-store here at TEN TOMORROW :) 

  • 20% OFF all TEN TOMORROW (excluding our new arrivals)

We are also hosting a special POP-UP with BEAUTIGODDESS!
Beautigoddess Lash Studio is our friend down on Waialae Ave (in the building with Longs Drugs). Liz and her staff specialize in everything LASHES & BEAUTY. If you know Summer, she's obsessed with low-maintenance beauty products & services.

  • Beautigoddess Promotions:
    • Live demos happening all day 
    • Package Discounts on Lash Lifts (Perms)
    • RevitaLash Serum SALE
    • 15% off NuFACE Device
    • 15% off all LipSense

Now we wouldn't just promote anyone here...Beautigoddess makes LASH MAGIC. Here is a Before/After pic of Summer. She is addicted to the RevitaLash serum and the Lash Lift (both will be on discount for KIK Saturday). 

Here is just a quick snapshot of some of the things Beautigoddess will have on-site to purchase!

For those of you who don't know what a "Lash Lift"'s like a perm for your lashes. It lifts and curls your lashes (as if you used a curler) but lasts for 6 WEEKS! How wonderful is that? You can wash your face, use oils, and sleep all funny haha - but your lashes will always be on point.

Our model here is getting a lash lift AND she added on some luxurious add-on services. She's doing an under-eye hydration treatment, and a lash tint. Lash tint just darkens the natural lash so it appears like you have mascara on! 

We can't wait to see you guys out and about in Kaimuki THIS SATURDAY. 

Thank you for all your support,
TT Team

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