Launch Party for RIG ACCESSORIES!


Visit us on Saturday March 3 between 10AM - 6PM to celebrate the debut of RIG Accessories! This Hawaii-to-Seattle designer, Brent Rodriguez, is debuting his first collection BACK HOME for ONE DAY ONLY.  Allison Izu x Ten Tomorrow will be offering 3 GIVEAWAYS that day. Stop by if only to drop your name into the raffle (we will announce winners through email/phone). RIG will be giving a FREE layering necklace or bracelet away with EVERY purchase!! What?! Yes, while supplies last - so get here early.

We are so so excited to be hosting this epic launch party for so many reasons. But first...let us introduce you to the line. 

Brent created RIG as a non-discriminatory jewelry brand meant to be worn by ALL and designed to be inclusive for every race, age, size, gender, sexual orientation, and social class. RIG Accessories seeks to empower the wearer daily with its beautiful, classy, and edgy designs. We are so proud to be promoting this message/mission. Here are a couple pictures of his latest styles paired with Ten Tomorrow. WE ARE OBSESSED with how well it all layers together.

Did we mention the favorite CHRIS Tank is back and in BLACK?! YES. And how much do you love tiger's eye? Ug..this is such a great power combo outfit.
Yellow is trending lately and we LOVE how well it goes with RIG's pop of turquoise. We decided that layering 2 necklaces wasn't enough so we added a third! That smokey quartz though...beautiful.

Now the best part of RIG Accessories (to us anyway) is that it's completely UNISEX! What? Yes....All these styles don't just look lovely on the ladies. We had our newest hire Chris throw on his favorites too. Check out designer Summer + Chris each wearing their personal faves.


Lastly, this launch is personally dear to our heart. Brent and Ten Tomorrow designer, Summer, are BEST FRIENDS. They have been an unstoppable duo of fun since they met back in 2012.  Brent has been a close support system for Summer through all her business endeavors and she can't be more thrilled to assist him back with RIG. Here is just a few fun snippets of their adventures together...


Hope to see you Saturday 3/3! Mimosas, cookies, GIVEAWAYS, and more! 

Ten Tomorrow Team

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