Hi Everyone, 

We just launched this new website - it's been a long process and definitely challenging my beginner code-writing skills. We hope you're enjoying some of it's upgraded features like scrolling over product images for more views and the "quick view" shopping option.

I personally have been dying to update our "About Us" page; this upgrade gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. You can, of course, visit the updated version of the page here...but I wanted to write a blog so I can share a little bit deeper. 

People ask me all the time, "how do you do all this?" or "where do you find the time?".
My response is ALWAYS the same - "My Team".

(Here's just a little outtake from our Team photo shoot. It's a perfect moment! Makes us smile.)

For those of you who don't know might think that I've been bred, trained, and educated to be in this industry. I've certainly dabbled in almost every side of it : retail, buying, styling, writing, and more. But the truth is, I've evolved into where I am today without any formal education...just a deep love and respect for what we do. I'm also lucky to have had an amazing mentor and role model in Allison from Allison Izu

Sooo, when I started the dream of my own brand, I knew that it would be a team effort. I purposely didn't name it after myself and began the vision of a clothing line after a feeling and lifestyle. I hope that this label becomes a platform for our team to showcase themselves. Everything we do is a team effort and every person contributes something different. 

Thus, the growth of our TEN TOMORROW Team - or "TT Team" for short. Right now we are a small tribe of 4 amazing women. All of TEN TOMORROW's operations passes through us - from top to bottom, sketch to sale, and everything in-between. I'm so happy to be sharing this article with you and some insight into our core. I invite you to learn more about us... Don't hesitate to come upstairs and say hi, or request your favorite gal. We are all here for you and appreciate all the support! 

We hope to continue our success and grow our team! Who knows what the future holds, but we are working hard to manifest it the way we like it.

Hope to see you soon,
Summer S.


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