Redefining Retail - Introducing Our "Designer Experience"

With the world changing every day, we decided this was an opportunity for us to evolve. The "rules" of fashion and retail have been thrown out and we wanted to create our own path, rather than wait for the industry to build it. 
We are SO excited to introduce our "Designer Experience".

This is our most exciting debut yet, never did we think we could combine our world of design and retail so much. We are inviting our customers to build their own their own style, outfits, and/or wardrobe :)

We have fabric for the whole year stored upstairs. Normally these colors and prints would be spaced out in collections that only we decide each quarter or so. Now, we can integrate our customer into the design process! We can see what they love, and they can choose when they want a color or style.

Before you ask, yes - these pieces that can be "customized" are a little higher in price. We hope to share that the cost to create a unique one-of-a-kind piece is more intricate of a process than our usual bulk production style. This is just a quick map of the process. 

We are currently launching this program in-store only at the moment. It's still brand new to us and we want to make sure we get it flawlessly - this means we have pre-selected our most requested items to be a part of this experience. If there is something you've been wanting that isn't here, we will work as hard as we can to make it work though!

To book your appointment CLICK HERE or call us at 808-591-6219. Feel free to reach out if you just have questions and want to ask about the Designer Experience! 

We hope to see you in-store and connect with you on a deeper creative level soon!!

Thanks again for helping us as we continue to grow and evolve through these crazy times. And special thank you to We Go Film for helping tell our story so beautifully in these videos!

The TT Team

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