Style Report : Eco-Friendly Scarves

Every year in honor of Earth Day we launch our Eco-Friendly Infinity Scarves. For those of you who don't know, the scarves are our way to honor Mother Earth and be more mindful.  Over the year, we save our scrap fabrics from past collections and up-cycle them into these infinity scarves! We try our best to reduce waste in whatever ways we can. 

That being said, each scarf is a one-of-a-kind piece since each fabric scrap is unique in it's own way. Scarves can differ in length, width, and overall look. We also only have a very limited quantity of each color. Grab them before they are gone :) While supplies last, we are offering a gift with every purchase of 2+ scarves! You'll get an ivory/navy stripe scarf added in with your order. 

Whenever we launch these scarves, we get lots of questions about how to wear them or how do you tie them. SO since we can't be there to help you try them on in-person - we wanted to launch a style inspiration blog to show you our favorite ways to wear these cuties.

We design in both print and solid, it's nice to create a look using BOTH. When you're wearing a solid outfit, use the scarf as a simple but effective pop up print :) 
**PS for those of you savvy shoppers - we currently don't have this SIENNA dress available, but it's a sneak peek at what's coming!

This is the reverse of the top above, we use solid scarves like a necklace! It can really add a pop of color to a neutral outfit or play off of print/stripes really nicely. We really wanted to share how to tie these scarves. You can double them in different ways too. The pic on the left is doubled "tightly" with one layer around the neck. The pic on the right shows it more casually draped while still being doubled. 
**Again, another sneak peek here - a NEW chris tank is coming soon in the perfect stripe combo for summer.

We love these iconic print scarves. We think they exude that resort, paradise vibe and can accent any outfit like the beautiful leis of our island home. 

Lastly, since we keep selling out of masks SO FAST. We thought it might be creative to show how you can use our scarves as a mask too! It can't hold a filter but it's breathable and will help you keep your air vapor to yourself. 

Thanks for reading our style post! Hope this inspires you to grab one!

The TT Team



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