Mask and Soap Bundle

$ 29.00 $ 62.00

With travel, restaurants, and life opening back up - we wanted to run a special deal on our signature knit masks. This bundle includes 2 adult masks in our exclusive prints AND a bottle of Kaimuki Soap Co. liquid soap. Everything made in Hawaii.

Bundle includes 1 Rising Tides Adult Mask, 1 Mauve Catalina Adult Mask, and a 4oz. bottle Liquid Soap by Kaimuki Soap Co.

(Mask) What I'm Made Of:
Front, Lining, and Ear Straps - 95% Rayon Viscose (natural fiber), 5% Spandex
Made in Hawaii

How To Care For Me:
Hand wash with detergent or antibacterial soap, and hang dry 
Slight shrinkage may apply with first washing
Iron if needed

Product Specifications:
Width (across middle) - 8"
Height (from center) - 6.5"
Ear Strap - 5"

ALL MASKS ARE FINAL SALE. Our masks are not made with medical grade material. These are for non-essential everyday use and should be washed prior and after each wear.

(Soap) What I'm Made Of:
Purified Water
100% Organic Coconut oil
Potassium hydroxide (the science part - induces ‘saponification’)
A subtle blend of Eucalyptus + Mint essential oils
Each bottle is 4oz

Why I'm Special:
This soap is hand-crafted locally, all natural, cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free! Its simple list of ingredients have been crafted to ensure cleanliness, hydration, and with freshness in mind specifically for our TT masks. 

Care Instructions:
Coconut oil naturally gels (we have 2x the coconut oil to provide extra moisturizing properties). Revive your soap by adding water and shaking. Store in room temperature.

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Chest (inches)
30 - 32
33 - 35
36 - 38
39 - 41
42 - 44
Waist (inches)
24 - 26
27 - 29
30 - 32
33 - 35
36 - 38
Hips (inches)
34 - 36
37 - 39
40 - 42
43 - 45
46 - 48

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