Behind The Style: FINN Overalls - Inspiration & Muse

It's been a LONG time coming...but the FINN Overalls are FINALLY HERE! We featured a sneak peek of our brand new style back in October when Summer went traveling to San Francisco. Since it's been such a highly requested style, we thought it would be fun to feature some "Behind-The-Style" facts, inspiration, and more.

For those of you who don't know - this is Summer, (TEN TOMORROW'S Designer/Owner).  It's been her new goal to start traveling more... Anywhere, EVERYWHERE...and for TEN TOMORROW to be a brand that tags along to as a perfect wardrobe partner.

So you might be asking, where did we get the idea to create this look? Well, you might be surprised to learn that we usually draw inspiration from our own customers! Real people : their lives, needs, stories, and style. This particular overall was designed around Summer's dear friend Sam. Allow us to introduce Sam...

Fun Fact: Remember those beautiful handmade TT KEYCHAINS? Well this is the Samantha who makes them :)

Sam is so many things - she's a talented photographer, a leather goods/jewelry designer, a mom, a crazy cat lady, and the epitome of an world traveler. She's always on the go and looking casual-chic in her very All-American vibe. Not to mention - SHE LOVES all overalls, jumpers, rompers, etc.

Cheers to our lovely muse and why we thought an overall was the perfect fit for her... Both are cool, casual, and made for adventure.

After choosing an overall, a classic, it then became challenging to update the design without removing that old-school feeling. Our goal was to redefine it as something that could be modernchic, and stylish. We chose a nice stretch trouser-like fabric to add a dressiness component and added adjustable tie straps for femininity and playfulness. We also worked on fit, we trimmed it down in the waist so it's more tailored and tapered the leg. We of course kept functionality within it - it's go pockets all over. We really hope you enjoy the small details of this design :)

What we love the most about the FINN is that you can mix and match this piece with so many different types of tops and exude multiple style trends. Try it with a basic tee for an easy casual look. Or maybe you wanna go a little 90s and pair it with a striped top or with a graphic shirt.  Class it up with a collared shirt/button down.  Summer loves to rock it with sneakers but you can absolutely throw on a boot or heel too. 

These are our favorite tops to pair with the FINN right now:
1. FIONA Tee 
2. DEE DEE Wide Sleeve Top
3. GWEN High Neck Top

You're probably wondering why the FINN is not named "SAM"... We already have a "Samantha Dress" (it's an older style but we didn't want to recycle it just yet).  So, we decided to name the overalls after her boy-cat FINN (especially since overalls can be unisex)...and the tee is named FIONA after her girl-cat :) hahah just some insider-fun.

FINN                                                         FIONA             


Thanks for reading this longer post! We really want to start sharing our inspiration and customer stories along the way. Use the hashtag #mytentomorrow to share your TT moments with us!


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