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Hello Everyone!
If you don't know, Earth Day is Monday April 22nd. It's celebrated annually and is a world-wide phenomenon in support of environment protection. In honor of Mother Earth and this very special day, we wanted to take some time to share how TEN TOMORROW CARES.  We are still a very small company, and admittedly very far from being "environmentally-friendly", but we try hard to make small changes that will hopefully affect our carbon-footprint. 

It's really hard to collect data on the "fashion industry" itself but we do know that we are within the Top 10 most polluting industries in the world (sited by EcoCult and The New York Times). It takes chemicals and water to dye our fabrics, CO2 emissions through the production process, and sadly, waste/clothing end up in landfills.  Sometimes the deeper you dive into our industry, the darker and uglier it can seem. 

BUT WAIT, here at TEN TOMORROW, we care about the environment. Because we are small, we handle all our cutting in-house - it also gives us an opportunity to see and control our waste. Here is a quick look of our cutting room floor and part of the production process.

From Left to Right:
First we lay the fabric - sometimes many many lays (Go Mari)!
Then our cutter uses that scary straight blade to cut.
Next we have the unfortunate waste strips and pieces. 
Lastly, we bundle all the cuts and this is what we deliver to our factories to sew. 

We are ALWAYS looking for ways to keep that waste pile to a minimum. It's one of the easiest ways we can contribute. We recently launched The HUDSON Bralette, which is a style we fit into the cutting process whenever there are larger holes that would normally create a big waste pile. We also just added a few new Eco-Friendly INFINITY SCARVES! We use these to fill up smaller waste pieces :) 

By purchasing our eco-friendly styles, you're supporting our mission to reduce waste AND up-cycle scraps into style.

If you're shopping online:
Use code:

  • HUDSONSPECIAL to get 2+ bras at $35/each instead of $42.

  • EARTHDAY to get 20% off 2+ scarves

Also, here are some pictures of our latest collection that we took at PAIKO. When we think of Earth Day, we think of this lovely, locally-owned, flower shop in Kakaako. They host beautiful workshops, sell the most gorgeous plants, and....They will be partaking in helping Kaimuki create a community garden!

Featured Styles:
The FIONA Tee (Ivory), The KORI Maxi (Sunflower) in-store only, The LANI Button Down Dress, and The STACEY T-Shirt Dress (Ivory).

Lastly, the TT Team wanted to share how we plan change habits to help Mother Earth:

  • Owner/Designer - SUMMER SHIIGI : "I'm going to stop using disposable utensils - I hope to reduce one-time plastics that end up in our local landfills." 
  • Production Manager - MARI NAKAMURA : "I love my coffee, I recently purchased a reusable metal straw from Bean About Town for all my caffeine needs."
  • Store Manager - NIKKI TANAKA : "Instead of always buying water at stores or 7/11, I'm bringing around my hydroflask every day."

Earth Day may only be one day, but TEN TOMORROW is dedicated to helping the environment where we can every day. We will continue to share what changes we can make. Follow our hashtag #tentomorrowdoesgood to see all of our helpful efforts. 

Thank you for always supporting us! HAPPY EARTH DAY!


TT Team

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