TT Travel Files : Los Angeles

Aloooooha Friends,

We are back from our LA trip and it feels good to be home. The main purpose for our travel was to source new fabrics, meet with factories, and of course - eat the good food. We hope to expand our collections to feature new designs in the near future and this is just the start. It's also part of our core to constantly evolve, continue to learn, and keep offering you the best effortlessly chic styles for every day.

On another note - we realized while we were there, that we don't really share much of our work. Sometimes we lose track of ourselves while deep in meetings or sourcing. Other times we think that LA is too ugly, dirty, or un-fashionable to post. Lastly, this process of our job can be stressful and hard - it's the last thing we wanted to share with you all. BUT we recently changed our perspective ... this is the reality and we embrace it (often times need to overcome the fear of it). So this is us, sharing... 

Most of our trip consists of fabric sourcing. It's an overwhelming process because it seems like an endless jumble of stuff that we don't love. Our first hurdle is just to find something beautiful. Then we have to find the balance between price and quality. We are dedicated to keeping our brand "affordable" while striving not to sacrifice quality. Here's a couple of quick snaps of what it looks like on the hunt.

We can be digging in ceiling high piles of rolls or starting at walls of swatch cards. We dive in deep - looking for prints, feeling drape, staring into the light for sheerness. We don't know what we are looking for but when we see something we like, we take it (or at least a sample of it). It's a constant hustle to find these places. Google will only get you so far, we usually have to hunt places down on our own or through referrals. It's intimidating work which is why it's nice to travel with others :)  

When we travel, especially for work, we wear Ten Tomorrow as much as we can. It shows our vendors the kind of style we like, how we sew things, and what fabrics we work with. Oh and when do we NOT wanna wear TT right?? Here are a few outfit pics of what we brought with us!

From Left to Right: Roxanne (Sunflower) in Silverlake: our favorite foodie neighborhood. Jade (Oxford Stripe) in Melrose: where we stayed. Fiona Tee (Ivory) tucked into Top Shop jeans in Vernon: where a lot of our vendors are. 

From Left to Right: Kate Dress (Grid Print) in our Airbnb.  Kit Dress (Black) in our Airbnb. Jill Romper (Denim) - coming soon ;) 

With all our hard work, we also make time to wander for fun :) LA is full of so many things to do and see... We visit stores of brands we admire, take long walks in different neighborhoods, and look for inspiration in everything.


We would def describe this trip as a "mission accomplished"! We've got TONS of fabric swatches to sift through and decide on. We can't wait to get back in the office on Monday and get creating. Oh and did we mention NEW ARRIVALS are coming in to?? Here's is one of the newest things to launch - Allow us to introduce the Carson Reversible Top. You can wear it backwards or forwards! We invite you stop by the shop to check out everything new; and Summer will be working so you can ask anything about our LA trip too!

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon,
Ten Tomorrow Team

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