It's All About FRANKIE

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone!
This might be our most favorite blog post yet...It's about FRANKIE!

If you've visited our store recently, you've probably have been jumped on by our not-so-little shop pup. (We promise we are working on the jumping-but he's just so excited to see you). Anyway, Franklin Beans (aka Frankie) is the newest fur-baby to join Summer and the TT Team. 

We got this little pom-chi back in July and he's grown up so fast! He has changed our lives for the better and we can't be more in love. Besides chewing everything in sight, he wakes up at sunrise and loves LONG walks. I (Summer), immediately made a goal to design a bike short so I could wear something TT while out with him.

These bike shorts have been a challenge to design and tweak to perfection. We hope you all enjoy this new "ath-leisure" basic we are adding to our collection!

Our Frankie Shorts feature:

  • A new fold-over waistband (no elastic to worry about) 
  • Side pockets on BOTH sides
  • Fit is high waisted and mid-thigh length

As a new dog mom, I learned how taking a walk can be harder than it sounds. All of my athletic outfits didn't have any pockets! Where do you put your keys, phone, treats, poop bags?! I tried wearing jean shorts but when bending down my phone would pop out. So lesson learned - DEEP POCKETS ARE ESSENTIAL.

Frankie is VERY bouncy. He loves to jump, roll in grass, chase birds - so outfits have to be closer to workout gear than anything. I wanted to try a new waist band, something without elastic that would still hold up with all that activity. We don't have sewing machines in Hawaii that can do that flat stitch like yoga pants but we are proud to get close. We went through at least 4 fit tests where I went jogging in these shorts. We don't recommend these for actual workouts, but we do think they can be for all your day-adventures. 

A little styling advice - We prefer balancing out the fitted bottom with a looser top (just because we don't like wearing things tight all over). Our go-to pieces to wear with it are:

We are truly a lifestyle brand and happy to be evolving as our own lives change too. We are constantly inspired by our team and our customers! Please always let us know what you'd like to see in our brand too. Our clothing is meant to be every day, comfortable, versatile, and meaningful. 

Can't wait to see you in-store! Don't forget, we are back to regular hours so you can pop in anytime between Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm

Summer and the TT Team


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