Wildflower Red Mood Board + New Arrivals

"Happy"..."Bright"..."Fun". These are words that we've heard you describe our latest print Wildflower Red.

It warms our hearts when our inspiration makes it all the way from the drawings to the sales floor and even more when our customers just GET IT. We just wanted to take a moment to share what goes into creating a print and the inspiration behind Wildflower Red. 

For starters, we want to share what a HUGE step it is to be a brand who can now design their own print! You may not know this but when we started in 2014, we were too small a company to invest in print design. Not only is it about creating art but there are minimums we had to reach for fabric/printing. YOU all help us grow big enough to take our dream further. 

Here's a little mood board of the inspiration behind the print. We already knew we wanted a "floral" type of print but we wanted it to be MORE...a feeling. We hoped the print would evoke a sense of happiness, carefree fun, and an eternal summer vibe. Obviously the 70s was a key component, we just worked to find a way to translate that era into our own modern twist. 

Creating a print is HARD...It starts with the art. We have to find the right art. All our prints have come from different graphic designers. This season we were looking for a floral, but the RIGHT floral. We didn't want flowers that were too big, or too small, or too detailed, or too empty. There's a funny joke about Summer - that she LOVES weeds. When she would travel to the mainland, she found herself always taking pictures to later find out - those blooms randomly by the beach or on the side of a road, even in a neighborhood garden - would be WEEDS haha. This helped guide her on what florals she wanted....a flower pattern that when you looked at it...you didn't know what type of flower it was. Maybe a weed, maybe a rare perennial? The wildflower print was just that, the view of a field of unknown little flowers. The dots and dashes giving a sense of the wind blowing through.

Next is the color. That's what gives the art LIFE. Summer sat with a book of Pantone chips just going crazy over the millions of shades of red. Red can be sensual, angry, Asian, but we were looking for happy. It needed to be bright but not overbearing. Let that bring in the touches of yellow and sky blue. We found the right combination finally that felt good. 

Long story short, we go through a round of testing with our printer in LA. We had to tweak a few things and by the 2nd try, we got it. READY!!!


Last come the designs...this might be the easiest part. We are always SO excited to make ANYTHING and everything in a new print! The best part is, when we get to celebrate with you. The launch of the Wildflower collection was wonderful. All the support makes us feel like we are on the right track. For those of who read our blog and emails...here's TWO new styles that are now available in the print.

Everyone requests the NIKKI Tank Top - literally everyone, including our own beloved Nikki. SO HERE IT IS! We heard you. Summer decided as a fun add on to launch the EMILY Short.  As the last piece, something to complete the feeling of eternal summer (the season hah). Pair the two together for a romper look or wear them separate. Isn't it the most fun??! 

Anyway - PHEW that was a long blog. Thank you for reading along. Hope to see you in-store or online soon! Happy shopping! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

The TT Team

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