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Happy New Year Everyone! 

To kick off 2018 the Ten Tomorrow and Allison Izu team decided to take a quick work trip to LA.  We work hard and play hard on these trips so we've nicknamed them "biz-cations" somewhere in-between business and vacation :) 

While LA is our main hub for fabrics and printing, we wanted to explore some manufacturing options and network with new vendors. We hope to grow the brand and our style selections this year and hopefully this is just the beginning to our continuing evolution. A lot of our customers ask what we do on our trips so we thought a blog post would help give a peek behind-the-scenes.  Our industry isn't all glam and things can get gritty, overwhelming, and messy but we love it all and dove head first. Hope you guys enjoy some snap shots of our LA experience. 

We got an Air BnB this time around to house us :) 

We LOVED this factory - fingers crossed to see if we can grow into bigger manufacturing. Some factories are intimidating but this one seemed just right. 

Fabric sourcing is always the fun part of our job. This is one of the most craziest spots. It's a giant warehouse of fabric from floor to CEILING. Literally. Rooms and rooms of fabric. You grab a scissors and just start swatching. We can spend hours getting lost in the maze. 

This fabric vendor is MUCH more organized with their showroom. Fabrics from them coming soon...

Trim shopping is a little harder for us. It's mind-numbingly detailed and we can get quickly overwhelmed. Here is a trim source that specializes in buttons...there were so so so many. This is just 1 wall...there were walls, binders, postboards, OH MY! But if you like our jacket - CLICK HERE to see the Amanda Coat.

Downtown LA is the start of the fashion district - we had a few meetings here... it's always nice to feel in the main thick of things. 

 and of we mentioned above, we also like to have fun while here. We make the best of our trips with eating and shopping (usually for more food). Here are quick snaps at some of the "vacation" side of our work trips. 

There are so much more "fun-time" photos but we figured these were the highlights. The BEST Burger at Umami Burger.  Shopping at Trader Joes...trying not to spend all our $$.  And if you haven't been .... there's a new Eataly opened in LA. It used to be only in Chicago and NY UNTIL NOW. You must go. It's a fresh market + restaurant.  We bought $75 worth of truffle EVERYTHING.

Thanks for following along with our LA trip - we hope this shows a little better what we do there to make what we do here make sense :) 

Ten Tomorrow Team

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