Need Gift Ideas?

We hope you're having a relaxing Holiday season so far...but if you're like us - then maybe you've been procrastinating and are behind on the gift shopping? Don't stress! We've got some exciting news and gift ideas just for you! 

From today until Saturday 12/16 we are giving every $100 purchase a $25 gift certificate! That's right :) If you buy something for yourself, it's basically guilt-free because you're getting a gift certificate you can use as a stocking-stuffer (or keep it for yourself, we won't judge). OR if you are being a good elf and buying gifts, then you can reward yourself with a gift certifciate! Either way, we are in the gift giving mood and trying to make any purchase a win-win! 

Also, to help you shop..we've created a little Top 10 Gift Guide here to inspire you for those last-minute gifts you might need. Hope it helps!

# 10 GIFT IDEA: 

The LEA Kaftan Dress ($126)

It's the perfect example of Ten Tomorrow's modern resort style. It's an easy thing to size- There's only 2 sizes: XS/S and M/L.  It's versatile - Wear it with the belt, without it.  Wear it as a dress, or a tunic AND it comes in a variety of colors! 


The STELLA Hoodie Dress ($110)

It's FINALLY getting chilly out and this dress is EVERYONE's favorite.  It's a cowl-neck tunic dress AND it has a hoodie! It's a great pick for someone to get cozy at work OR for anyone traveling this season to somewhere with snow! Looks great with boots if you have a fashionable friend you can gift this to. Trust us, this is a best seller and who ever gets this under the tree is going to be REALLY happy.


Fashionary Design Supplies (starting at $18)

Know any artists or aspiring designers? We have the perfect accessory for them! Check out our special design notebooks... they have flats so it's easy to design over them. They also come with weekly calendar notes so they can stay organized while being creative. This is what we use during our creative process so you can tell your friend it's a "professional" tool?! Haha not sure if we are professionals but maybe it will help!


The ROXANNE Drape Side Dress ($136)

This is our NEWEST style to launch only a few weeks ago and so far it's been very well-received.  We truly adore this dress and put a lot of design effort into creating this piece.  It's a t-shirt dress with a beautifully draped side.  It's a timeless staple for any closet and looks great on all body types. 


The ELLA One Shoulder Dress ($102)

Alright - we've all got that trendy friend ...or maybe that fussy teenager we need to buy something nice for. You know, the gal in your life who looks good in everything?! Well this dress is would be GREAT! It's stylish, cool, AND comfy (with pockets). It's flirty style without being too overboard. We always like to stay classy...


The PARKER Pant ($96)

Ok we are not joking when we say that these pants look good on everyone. It might seem impossible but trust us - any age, any body, ANYONE! That's why this style has made it into our Top 5 list.  It's an easy elastic pull-on that can be for work or play.  Just trust us... buy and gift them. You won't regret it.  We've recently re-stocked sizes in them! 


Aquiesse Candle (starting at $12)

Now we need those small gifts here and there or maybe just add on to something you've already bought? We used to give FaceShop masks BUT this is SO MUCH BETTER! These candles are pure magic.  All the scents are all so wonderful and will take you to another world but our favorite is "Shoreline".  They come in 2 sizes: the travel tin which is cute and a great stocking stuffer; or the full size which comes in a beautiful glass. 


 The GWEN Top ($98)

Again, it's winter - so we love this high neck top.  It's a modern style and top seller - we only bring it around once a year at this time so people are always happy to see it. It's 3/4 sleeve so you won't get too wearing it Hawaii and it's easy to layer when traveling. It comes in our custom herringbone print that's exclusive to us and some solids. Black is always a strong choice but who knows?!


Anything AWATTZ (starting at $33)

Did you know we carry jewelry?? It's by local designer Amanda Watkins! Her line is AWATTZ and it's what we wear every day. Great for layering or making a subtle statement alone.  She hand crafted some of these beaded beauties just for us and you can't find these color combos anywhere else. They pair great over any Ten Tomorrow or Allison Izu designs so if you know someone who shops with us, it's a great accessory to tell them to try!



Our number 1 gift idea is a TEN TOMORROW GIFT CARD! We know, it seems so cliche or without thought, but let us clarify why we love this idea. By gifting a gift card - you are inviting your friend/family to come visit our unique store in Kaimuki and receive a styling session with the designers themselves :) Who better to help dress them but us? We love meeting new customers and helping anyone find the perfect outfit to fit their lifestyle. And don't forget - if you shop between 12/12 and 12/16 you'll receive a $25 gift card with every $100 purchase!

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