Our Favorite 90's Comeback : The SCRUNCHIE

Hi Friends!
From choker necklaces to crop tops, it seems like the return of the 90's is never-ending. Most of the trends aren't something we dive into, but we couldn't ignore this one. The return of "THE SCRUNCHIE"! There may be some women who passed on the low-rise jeans, the overalls, and monogrammed belts...BUT WHO DIDN'T WEAR A SCRUNCHIE? Right?! With this summer heat upon us, these little-bitty accessories are JUST in time. We couldn't be more excited to pull up our hair and tie it up with these oversized bands. 

But wait, there's more....

We teamed up with the owner of AUDS & ENDS HAWAII to bring you EXCLUSIVE collab scrunchies in all your favorite TT fabrics. Each of our scrunchies is made with scrap fabrics and is another ECO-FRIENDLY style that will help us reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste. Isn't that a feel good feeling all around? We are so happy about this project. 

And just in case you aren't totally sure about our latest Trend Reporting...we found a few celebrities sporting our new scrunchie fashion! Take a peak at our fave style starts rocking it as arm candy or in their hair.

J. Lo has that pop of color on a top bun. Jason Momoa is sporting a designer scrunchie. Selena Gomez is going black on black.

Hailey Baldwin is constantly found wearing a scrunchie.

Kate Beckinsale is spotted out with a basic one.

Dakota Johnson was seen on the red carpet with hers.

Well we hope to see you THIS SATURDAY (8/10) for the launch of our collab scrunchies! Can't wait to get that 90's feeling back...DUH?! I mean it's SO TOTALLY...ALL THAT.

The TT Team

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