How We Wear The CARSON

Hello there!

We are so excited to share our latest style blog with you :) Allow us to first introduce THE CARSON - it's a reversible tie blouse that we recently launched in 2 new colors. We don't like to brag about our designs, but we put MANY hours into creating delicate curves so that you can easily wear this top in multiple ways. 

We currently have "BLACK" and an exclusive TT print called "WINTER CAMO". 

And now for the fun part...The TT Team each picked their favorite way they like to wear it! We hope it inspires you to try it or even find a new way to add to this :) 

MARI - TT Production Manager (wearing size M)

Mari loves the classic tie-front way to wear THE CARSON. She's got great curves and likes to tie it loose and pair with a skinny pant (of course, a white one for this shot). We love the balance of a loose top with a tailored pant or legging!


While playing around with the top, Summer tried twisting it....and we all fell in love with this new way to wear it. Take the ends twist and intertwine them crossing the opposite tie around the body, then tie in the back. You can tie it outside like an obi-belt or tuck it under the shirt (pictured). That sounds complicated but just try it - or come in and we will happily show you! PRO TIP: Pair it with something high-waisted because wearing it this way, makes it a little shorter. 

NIKKI - TT STORE MANAGER (wearing size XS)

Nikki loves a flowy pant or skirt partly because it accentuates her tiny itty-bitty waist. So she chose to wear THE CARSON with her ELLIE Maxi Skirt. She tied it REAL snug and a little higher. We love this look because you can see how it can be a pop of color on a monochrome outfit AND by just experimenting with tightness, you can change the proportion on the body :) 

So obviously the popular way to wear THE CARSON is tied in the front - BUT we worked endlessly on that neckline so you could FLIP IT and wear it backwards too. 

Well we aren't joking when we say FLIP IT, TWIST IT, TIE IT, and more :) Sounds like a game or a twerk song? HAHAHA Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this quick style blog. Please share with us YOUR favorite way to wear it! Tag us on IG and use the hashtag #mytentomorrow 

Oh and did we mention how easy this is to wear with literally ANYTHING?! Mari's got pants, Summer chose a dress, and Nikki loves a skirt! Try layering it with a cami, bralette, or tank too! You can't go wrong with this piece - it's everything to everyone :) 

Happy Shopping! Hope to see you soon,

TT Team

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