Reflecting & Returning - We're BACK!

Have you heard the news? 

We are re-opening to our regular hours!

You can now visit the shop:
Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm

With safety still remaining our biggest priority we are keeping the Shopping Appointment system available :) Booking an appointment will ensure a "no-wait" experience. We are still limiting the amount of customers in-store at a time so we are using the Appointments as a way to reserve your time slot like you would a table at a restaurant. 

Also, Curbside Pickup will now be guaranteed available on Saturdays between 10-6! YAY!

We know these changes are in the direction of "normal" but it really spurred some deeper reflection on all the changes that have occurred in the last year....

Last year at this exact moment, we were debating on whether to host our Rising Tides House-Warming Party.  If you weren't with us, it was going to be a huge celebration of our latest collection AND how excited we were to take over this Kaimuki space (we used to share it). It was a really important moment because it signified how we were evolving into our own brand and taking this huge step.  In the end, we decided to have the party...we thought through as many safety precautions as we could:

  • Having our favors individually wrapped
  • Asking our friend Kristin to help serve food to avoid cross touching
  • Doing a deep clean before hand (Chad power washed the house from top to bottom)
  • and so many Clorox wipes

The night was a blur - no one took pictures so here is what we could steal off other's social media.

The night was many of you came to rally and support us in the best ways!! We can honestly admit that without that party, we probably wouldn't be here today. Less than a week later was when the biggest lock-down hit. Isn't it a strange thought? This picture of our team - no masks, some of us in heels, lots of hugging. It brings an enormous sense of gratitude...for making it this far, for the strength of this team, for the unwavering support of our customers...and of course, cleaning supplies (haha).

We quickly went from a successful high to an anxiety-fueled low as we packed up the store for a shut down. While we were organized with a plan, the uncertainty of the future dwelled in each of us. None of us will forget what it felt like to say goodbye without knowing when we would see each other again. 

Found this old picture of what the store looked like when we left and what it looks like today! We think it captures the essence of turning a corner. 

We are all SO excited to welcome you back to the shop in a more "normal" way! There are lessons that COVID has taught us that we will be continuing and we would love your feedback too :) Thank you for easily transitioning to shopping online and booking appointments (even during crazy sale times). Please let us know what changes we've implemented that you like or what you want to see go back to normal. We are listening and can't wait to see you in the shop.

Thanks again for the support to get us where we are today. It's impossible to define Ten Tomorrow without you all!

The TT Team

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