In Honor of International Women's Day

International Women's Day - March 8th, 2021
International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

This day really got me (hi, it's me - Summer) thinking...We are so lucky to be surrounded by inspiring women all the time. Not only is my whole team a mix of wonderful women, but our store is filled with brands by successful entrepreneurial women too! 

I feel so supported by these ladies and wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about each one here...We did little photo shoots or had them send in pictures.

SUMMER, Ten Tomorrow : Hello, it's me. Women's Day has me feeling extra grateful for the MANY women who have supported me to get where I am today. My path through the fashion industry has been twisty and very evolutionary in ways I've never imagined but I wouldn't have made it here without help from other women.

AUDREY, Auds & Ends Hawaii : Ok, I first met Audrey at a seminar for small business owners and she was one of the loudest (and most hilarious) entrepreneurs in the room. I have to admit I was intimidated to meet her but she came right up to me after the session was over to say hi and chit chat. We have been fast friends ever since...I love the duality of her personality. She is a comedic force in any room but she also is a secret introvert and has the biggest heart. She always hand writes cards (sometimes just to say hi) and creates picture books of our friend-ventures.

MAI, i am Jewelry : Mai is the newest brand to join us in the TT boutique. She's from Osaka and when we met, I had been stressing about getting into a huge trade show there. I've heard people in Osaka are the nicest and I believe it now because of Mai. She's so sweet and such an incredible designer. All her jewelry is wrapped, hammered, and melded by her hands. Despite her chic and meticulous work, she's so humble. I'm so happy to have her in the store with us!

MISHA, Misha Hawaii : Ug first off, how gorgeous is this mom of two/bad ass boss woman?! I can't wait to start having her model with her daughter for our new girls clothes haha. I can't remember how I met Misha! Maybe it was when I was still a stylist and we did this AMAZING tide pool shoot with her jewelry? Anyway, she's always been an inspiration to me - running her business with a great team and constantly evolving her brand. I got the inspiration for our IG Markets because of her! She goes live TWICE A WEEK, what a CHAMP! I love her courage and strength, she's always got a "can do" attitude and will push you to believe in yourself too. 

ERIN, Umbrella Collective : Erin and I met at a Pure Joy Pop Up (just another woman who has supported me from the start). I fell in love with her and really got to know her once Ten Tomorrow started to travel in those Renegade Craft Fairs around the mainland. She's SO smart and business savvy.... We bonded over our love for good food! Funny story, it was our boyfriends who got the conversation started over having her bags in our store. They said we were both too shy to ask each other (which was true) so they blurted it out over lunch one day. 

LANA, Jules + Gem Hawaii : I also can't remember how I met Lana...but she is the definition of a sweetheart. She's such a huge supporter of us, any idea we have is a good idea and she's on-board to help. Did you know she's incredible at merchandising and interior design? When we threw our huge event, she selflessly offered to decorate each table with center pieces and candles. She also comes each holiday with decorations for the store because it's the last thing on my mind. She makes everything look so beautiful and polished for all of us. 

So with all my gushing about my celebration of International Women's Day and the women who I share the store with - we came together to create this wonderful bundle deal. 

You can find the "Women's Together" Bundle  HERE it's $150 (total value is $200) and for a limited time you can get all these items at 25% off. We each threw a staple from our collections in here and it includes:

  • Chris Tank (Dk. Mauve) value $66
  • Umbrella Collective Leather Pouch (Black) value $40
  • Misha Hawaii Stretch Pearl Bracelet (Freshwater White Pearl) value $28
  • Jules + Gem 2oz Puakenikeni Candle value $8
  • Auds & Ends Hair Tie Set value $14
  • i am Jewelry Geo Stud value $44

We hope this sends a message that women together can uplift and rise each other to success :) and thank you in advance for being that support for all of us. 

Who run the world?? GIRLS!  Together we rise!


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