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We just have one word for last week's Goodwill Goes GLAM! 2018 Gala : SUCCESS.  Wait...maybe 2 words : SURREAL. It was an amazing night that went perfectly and it still feels like a dream. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped contribute to the event.  We got quick stats: We managed to sell more seats and raise more money than the previous years!! YAY!!! You have no idea how wonderful this makes us feel - thank you thank you  for all the support. 

For those of you who missed the runway show, don't worry! We've got great pics to share with you all of our repurposed/up-cycled/thrifted looks! And for those of you who caught the whole thing, read on to get insider details on what you saw. 

Pictures provided by Mark Ramelb

Emily's Look
We deconstructed a stiff red mini skirt to create the cinched bandeau. We also took an average boat-neck work dress and cut, draped, and put elastic in to make this one shoulder shell. This was one of our first designs to work on and really set the tone for the rest of the show.

Katrina's Look
This look was easy - we took a lightweight maxi dress and just slit open the front. We love how the silky fabric just flowed while in motion. The pencil skirt was a true vintage find and added the pop of color we needed. This was a last minute designed that we ended up loving so much.

Eleny's Look
This one is pure styling - we took an average v-neck button down blouse (no collar), and just tied it around her in a cool new way. Try this look at home with any button-down, start by wearing it backwards.

Heidi's Look
Let us start by introducing our model, she's current 2018 Mrs. Hawaii! We had to make something special for her. This look is made from a bed sheet.  We wanted to redesign our SIENNA Dress in a more runway-ready way. The belt and cape is all attached together.
Justin's Look
This is our modern aloha shirt. We took an old boxy style shirt, found a sweater that complimented the colors and replaced the hem, neck, and sleeves with sweater rib. It's now got an urban street vibe!

Crystal's Look
We found a beautiful Elie Tahari Dress, but it was bright neon pink, so we cut out just the lining to use here as a slip dress. Lastly, we curved/tapered this long knit pencil skirt to be an overlaying shell. Simple, chic, and clean.

Heidi's Look
This was another styling challenge. We found SEVERAL of these leather skirts (go to Goodwill to find them). And we managed to find the perfect green Banana Republic top to go with it.  We just twisted one sleeve and tacked it down for this off-the-shoulder detail.
Jhante's Look
What do women who "summer in the Hamptons wear"? This was our inspiration for this preppy vacation-mode outfit. We took a clean button down tank and asymmetrically cropped it. We paired it with a great ivory swim suit and these breezy culottes. 

Chase + Isaiah's Look
This a matching duo. We found a beautiful ivory quilt and we used it to create unique outerwear. We wanted to embody chic jet-setter pieces so we made a women's poncho and a men's vest lined with aloha print. The original aloha shirt was then paired with a basic tee to complete the whole look. 
Dani's Look
You might have recognized this outfit since it was the one we promoted the most. We took a Zara mini skirt & turned it into a ones-shoulder asymmetrical top. We love how the yellow makeup really pops on this bright sporty outfit.

Casera's Look
This darling little outfit is technically 2 skirts. We took a tight neon yellow mini skirt (80's style) and turned it into a ruched tube. The pleated skirt was a perfect last minute find.
Dionne's Look
This is Dionne, she's an employee of Goodwill and recently lost 40 lbs. We love that she wanted to celebrate herself on our runway! She's wearing a men's aloha shirt redesigned to mirror our Lani Dress

Alyssa's Look
This look was a challenge for us. We really LOVED this hippie-style maxi dress but we wanted to break it down and turn it into something more Ten Tomorrow. We opened the front, created sharp lines with cut-outs, and lastly threw our logo on the back with extra fringe we removed from the obnoxious sleeves it had. Spy it in the background of the next picture... 
Seaoni's Look
You might recognize these as our favorite color combo? Orange and Navy? It reads as classic summer vibes to us. The tube-top is the bottom half of an A-line dress, and the skirt is a shortened maxi that we attached a scarf on the side for a little unexpected flow + flare.

Katrina's Look
I call this mosquito-net elegance. HAHA just kidding - but kinda? We took a sheer curtain to create this whimsical sheer gown. The bodysuit inside was made out of our regular knit fabric. It was a hard piece to construct with that finicky fabric that shows EVERYTHING...but it worked out FABULOUSLY.
Eleny's Look
This is one of Mari's favorites. We took a vintage scarf and we worked it into a ruffled cami blouse. The print had us at first sight but the shape was hard to envision with all it's details and drapes. Once we had fittings, it all came together and we couldn't be more proud of this one.

Justin's Look
This one was an absolute DREAM to make. It's a vintage aloha shirt + an old safari-esque shirt combined. We took out the buttons and added a thick zipper and a string at the bottom to create a lightweight aloha-print BOMBER JACKET! Isn't this cool?!

Jhante's Look
This was a simple piece but elegant and totally wearable. We took an XL old-fashioned ruffled skirt. The sheer polkadot fabric was all over at first but we carefully cut it away except in the back We pleated the back to create fullness and take in the bust...and VOILA! A stylist tube dress with a flowing back!

Isaiah's Look
This is another aloha shirt we added sweatshirt rib too. The colors matched well. Stay tuned...maybe we can start a mini men's collection with these?

Chase's Look
These 2 pieces used to be 2 different maxi dresses. We managed to turn a blue shift dress into a beautiful palazzo pant and make a trendy tube top. We love the top so much we are going to try to bring one into our own collection :)
Dani's Finale Look
This has to be our TOP FAVE. We decided to close the show with this outfit. We made the top out of some fun curtains that came complete with little pom-poms. We made a dramatic halter top.
Ginger's Finale Look
As a last minute decision (because we still had so much fabric left over) we created this maxi dress as a "twin" look to Dani's top. We thought it would be a extra fun way to close the show with 2 matching girls.



The Ten Tomorrow portion of the show was only 8 flies by so fast! But it takes months of preparation for a show of this magnitude. Here are a few Behind-The-Scene (BTS) pictures to show you some of the process. 
BTS Photos by: Alissa Higashi


Now for the long list of thank you's...

  • Goodwill Hawaii and Bank of Hawaii 
  • Majority of the models provided by Larson Talent
  • Makeup Lead - Jonathan Freitas and Motives Hawaii
  • Hair Stylists - Paul Brown
  • Co-Producer - Allison Izu
  • Director - Rance China
  • Production Team lead by Amy Hammond
  • DJ - Romeo
  • TT Design Team - Mari Nakamura, Sanna Myers, and Chris Ching 
  • Interns - Jay Agpaoa, Mo Souza, April deCastro

I'm sure I missed people but you...SORRY. I'm so grateful for the whole experience. We hope you enjoyed this recap - it's the longest blog ever BUT we wanted to share our work for those who didn't make the show :) 

& The TT Team

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