WHITE Hot... Diner En Blanc Outfit Ideas

Time really does fly - we can't believe another Diner En Blanc has rolled around already! For those of you who don't know what it is, CLICK HERE to read our first blog about the event. 

It's basically a glamorous dinner party in which all attendees MUST WEAR WHITE. We just like to do a blog with some outfit ideas to help make the process of getting ready a little easier :) Here are our current white items in-stock and keep reading for more accessory, shoe, and bag ideas to match! Click on the photos if you're interested in purchasing any of them. 

For easy one-piece outfits these are our dresses:

The Kacie : It's a classic 3/4 sleeve wrap dress. Classy, chic, and comfortable. 


The Roxanne: This is our ultimate t-shirt dress. Don't let the fact we call it a "t-shirt" dress fool you, it's got an elegant drape and fit. Simplicity at it's finest - we think it's very "designer chic" in it's timeless and understated elegance. 


There's only a few sizes left in the dresses but here's an easy top option as an idea for separates...

The BROOKE: It's a not-so-basic tee that you can wear completely off the shoulders or cowled around the neck. It's draped boxy shape is perfect for layering or tucking in. This top would look AMAZING with a pair of white wide legs or tucked into a skirt. 


All of these styles are like blank canvases for amazing jewelry - the necklines are all pretty demure so a long necklace or statement piece would be perfect. Or keeping the outfit clean and trying statement earrings would be another avenue...Here are some ideas :) 


Since you never know the location until the day-of : we suggest going simple with the shoe...you might be outdoors, in the grass, or mud? Here are some affordable Target options with low-maintenance heel heights!  


Now for handbags....We love good quality bags. They last a LIFETIME right? And white is such a classic color (especially if you love our brand). We picked a few options in different price ranges (nothing crazy) for you to consider as the final touch to your outfit.


Well, we wish WE were going to dinner but we aren't. It's very exclusive...We hope you enjoyed these styling ideas. It's not meant to wear all together - just pick a couple things. We are firm believers in simple is better. White is meant to be clean, fresh, and eye-catching. You don't need a lot to look amazing in all white. 

For those of you going...HAVE FUN!! Post pictures so we can drool over the festivities! 

The Ten Tomorrow Team

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