Sunflower - Our New CUSTOM Color

Anyone else in a mellow yellow mood? WE ARE SO THERE!

This Spring collection we are launching a very special color we called "Sunflower".  It's only the 2nd time we are dyeing our own fabric (the first was our holiday color "amaranthine"); and we wanted to share our inspiration with you behind the process.

It all started with a roadblock - we LOVE yellow and went on a hunt through our regular vendors to order it; however, we quickly realized that NOBODY had the kind of yellow we wanted. Yellow can be tricky - we didn't want too bright or too muddy, we thought about Asian skin tones, and we wanted the color to evoke the right feeling. 

Here is our mood board of what yellow means to us:

It's kind of automatic, but the right yellow can bring out a smile. It should feel bright like sunshine and soft like flower petals. We wanted our yellow to bring out thoughts of vacation, beaches, and happiness. With all this thought and inspiration, we decided to take a chance and dye our own

The process of custom dyeing can be scary - we have to pick the right Pantone chip and test our color theory in what's called a "lab dip".  Usually lap dips come out lighter than our actual swatch so we have pick one a few shades darker to account for this. All of this gets coordinated through snail mail so it can take a while. Luckily, our dye house got it right in the first try. Just so you know, we dye with a small company based in LA - our friend Jerry there is the best. 

We hope you love our "Sunflower" color as much as we do - we did a variety of styles in it. As for style tips: We think it pairs really nicely with your favorite denim (jeans, jacket, blue and/or white). It's also a great pop of color but a timeless choice. 

Check out what's available HERE and visit us in-store too for more of our latest collection. 

Happy Shopping!

Ten Tomorrow Team

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