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With our latest Travel Style event, the passing of Spring Break, and an upcoming trip to LA - we can't shake the vacation vibes and wanted to dive deeper into our recent "packing" pics. (If you haven't seen them, check out one of our favorites HERE). We always talk about taking TEN TOMORROW with you on your next getaway but here's a "Style Map" on what we like to pack and why :)

Now some of these you may have seen before while other styles are new and coming soon :) Oh, and we threw in some staples that you can't find at TEN TOMORROW, but may already be in your closet! Like your favorite pair of jeans and a warm jacket. We like to think of this as the ultimate road map to packing. It includes all your essentials and the method can be implemented easily while being scaled up/down based on trip duration. 

We also wanted to give style examples to show you how to take your TEN TOMORROW basics even further. Are you ready?! 

We wanted to start with our CHRIS Tank - it's one of our top selling basics and hopefully this can show you why. It pairs well with any bottom (don't think just pants either, try it with a skirt or shorts) AND is the perfect layering piece for different outerwear options. Right now, we have several colors in-stock so take your pick :) 

We work hard to design "smarter" so you can pack lighter! We try our best to launch styles that can be worn multiple ways to increase their versatility. These outfits go the extra mile for you and provide an additional look for those last  minute backpacking adventures or getaways that just got extended. 

Allow us to introduce our newest top - The CARSON Tie Top. We can't decide which is our fave way to wear it! Try it with a cami (or sexy bralette) and tie in front; or turn it around for a low-back breezy blouse. It's one of those classic fits that meet our top goal to be effortlessly chic.

The KIT Tapered Dress is no stranger to our line since it's been a staple style since our beginning. Here's another PRO Travel Tip: If you're traveling somewhere warm, wear it on the plane with our MIA Legging...once you land, remove the leggings and you'll be all set for the heat in your dress :)

Ok, we wrote this blog just as the last KELLY Jacket sold (as seen above left). SORRY!!! But don't worry, we will make more...and in different fabrics :) In the meantime, pick from your current cover-up collection. 

Just like bottoms, we like to keep our outerwear count to 2 or less...(maybe not when traveling in extreme winter destinations but for the most part). We loved our KELLY Jacket as a piece that was not only comfy (a little stretch in your outerwear is a real game changer), but sleek enough to be a business blazer. Picking the perfect cover-up can be hard but don't forget, if you already have one, just bring it with you when you shop our store and we will help you match it to something new!

Ok so for a recap:
1. Mix and match everything
2. Find pieces that can be worn different ways
3. Choose styles that can walk the line between casual and dressy
4. Oh and can we say...just take TEN TOMORROW??? 

Follow the hashtag #tentomorrowtravels to see how we and our customers take TEN TOMORROW around the world (and please feel free to post how you style us too). 

Thanks again for reading, hope you enjoyed our travel tips. We will be adding more of these regularly to help you stay chic while aboard!

The TT Team

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