Sunshine For Debbie

Hey Everyone,

It’s Nikki :) I’ll be taking over this blog post (my first blog ever btw…and I’m so bad with words sorry!).  For those of who you don’t me, I’m the Store Manager here at TT.  I’m here to share a very special fundraiser that we are hosting starting now.  It’s for my friend Debbie….and here’s our story:

It all started a couple weeks ago when I shared with the TT Team that one of my best friends got diagnosed with cancer…I was (and still am) a mess. I lost my mom 5 years ago to lung cancer and recently lost a close friend to cancer too. 

Mari (our Production Manager) instantly went to work making a custom headscarf with the words “YOU GOT THIS” embroidered on it. It sparked Summer and I to think what else we could to do help.  After getting the approval of Debbie and her family, we are here organizing a fundraiser.

Before I get into the details on how you can help, let me introduce Debbie.

Debbie is wife and mother of 4 wonderful children. She’s a Pre-K teacher in Kailua and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. We met because our kids all danced with 24-7 Danceforce. She became my son Connor’s “Second Mom”.  She would call him her “Weekend Son” because of all the weekends we spent at her house.  All the kids together are like real siblings. Summer asked me to share what I love about Debbie….and honestly, what’s not to love?! She’s funny, kind, thoughtful…she ALWAYS puts family first (including Connor). Her sense of humor through all of this makes me laugh and cry all at the same time. I love her outlook on life.

Ok, I have NO pictures of us together. Instead, here is a beautiful collage of how our friendship has grown along with our children. I think this is more perfect than any selfie we would ever take…which clearly we never do haha.

Ok so this is what we are doing…We are collaborating with a local artist Kristine Farnum from the brand Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy. She generously offered to help us on this project. Together we chose the print “The Sun Always Shines Again” as the focus of our fundraiser because of it’s beautiful message.

We will now be carrying art prints and cards from local brand Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy in our online store and in-person shop! For every purchase of a print or card set that you make in our store or online, Ten Tomorrow will donate at least 15% of sales of EVERY purchase...Please help us support Debbie and her family by purchasing some of this feel-good art.

CLICK HERE to see it all.

With love, support, and hope… The Sun Will Always Shine Again for Debbie and her family.
I know too well the burden of medical bills so all donations will be given to the family to ease their financial strain during these times.

THANK YOU in advance for ANY support - we are just grateful for the opportunity to do some good.


From the bottom of my heart -  THANK YOU,
Store Manager

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