The Inspiration + Artist Behind Our Latest Print

At the beginning of the month we launched a brand new print called "Jigsaw".  It's another exclusive TEN TOMORROW print (we've only done one prior to this - the Catalina Coast). We are SUPER excited to be continuing to design our own and get the opportunity to work with different local graphic artists. 

This particular print is very special to us and we wanted to share the inspiration and artist with you here :) 

It started with the idea that we wanted to design a "Fall/Winter" appropriate print. That logically brought about the idea of black, it's our #1 requested color and an obvious choice. Then, we wanted it to only be a ONE-COLOR print. (Full disclosure moment: adding more colors exponentially raises the cost to print it) We then decided that the chic-est pairing would be ivory. There's something classic about black and white...timeless elegance. Ok, so then with such a simple color palette, we decided to attempt a print design that encompassed being: FUN,  MODERN,  & SIMPLE.  Here is our mood board that we built for the concept.

For those of you who have been shopping with us for longer than 3 years, you will be thrilled to see who helped us design this print :) If you're a newer customer, allow us to introduce you to SARAH YAMASHIGE! (Insert applause here) Sarah started with TEN TOMORROW as an intern back in 2013.  She then quickly became our "everything" girl. She worked on production, logistics, retail, design, and graphics. Long story short, she's a true Renaissance Woman and has worked for companies like Tori Richard and currently Savor Brands. Here's a little snap shot of Sarah and all the reasons why we love her. She's an animal lover, boba drinker, artist, bookworm, and so much more.... 

We really enjoyed working with Sarah on this print - it really captures so many elements of our individual identities into one art piece.  The Jigsaw Design has a playfulness about it that we think Sarah naturally infuses into her art and yet she captured movement with her lines and depth that we were hoping for too. The shapes were something we tweaked together and now that customers have been shopping it, it's interesting to see what they see in it. It's like staring at clouds and finding your own shapes in them. WE LOVE THAT.

Anyway, when we print - we go ALL OUT. So CLICK HERE to see all the styles that come in our Jigsaw design :) It's got so much heart in it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Happy Shopping!
The TT Team

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