TT Travel Diary : How to Pack Light

Hello Everyone!
I'm happy to report that I'm FINALLY Home (...sweet Home).  If you've been following our Instagram, you'd notice that I've been traveling for the last 10 days from  New Orleans to Florida :)  It was A BLAST! I hope you enjoyed our travel adventures on our story... (Don't worry if you missed them, we will include a few highlights here).  

I also wanted to share some Pro Packing Tips for those of you who love traveling but never know what to bring or how to pack. Here are my easy go-to tips on packing light but not feeling limited on outfits. Versatility is key! For a 10-day trip I only needed an over-stuffed carry-on :)  

 Rule 1: Only bring a MAXIMUM of 2 (long) pants/jeans
This might sound crazy to some, but how many pants do you really need? I follow this rule even in my winter travels but for obvious reasons, it's an easy practice when traveling during the summer. I usually pack a black Parker Pant and a classic blue jean (for summer-time). This way you have one comfy but semi-dressy pants and one warm casual pant.
**PRO-TIP : Wear one of long pant (usually the Parker) on the plane to save even more space when packing. (In my backpack is a denim shirt I use for a jacket).

RULE 2: Versatility is KEY. Try dresses that work for both daytime AND dinners.
If you travel like me, you never know what the day/night will bring. This is why I love dresses, they are an easy all-in-one outfit that can translate to both daytime adventures to nightlife. That way, you won't have to take a break to change - you can enjoy every minute out. Click on any picture to shop the style online :) Not pictured is our fan-favorite CHAD Dress that took us from alligator tours all the way to a Beyonce concert! (Insert FREAK OUT for the Queen B here) :P

The LYNETTE : This dress is a travel piece MUST-HAVE. It's comfy with sleeves but light-weight enough for weather in the 90s. Plus, the hem tapers so you can wear it as a tunic or top. The KIT : This classically simple dress made in through the day and into a fancy dinner pretty effortlessly. Plus it's looseness let us pig out!  The JADE : In hot weather, this breezy dress really saved the day. We wore this style to a jazz brunch in the morning and then wandered around the town checking out art shops and gardens.

 RULE 3:  Mix + Match EVERYTHING. 

All your tops should be able to match ANY bottom you bring. All your outfits should match ANY shoe you bring. Get it? This way getting ready is a no-brainer, wear anything with anything. It sounds like commonsense but can be harder to coordinate than you think.
**PRO TIP : I only bring 2 shoes + 1 heel on every trip (sometimes not even a heel - who needs heels?!)

The Chris Tank : It's such an easy basic. My favorite feature about it when I travel somewhere hot is that it has a higher neckline to protect against sunburn.  The Ripley Short : This short is SO great - it has pockets, is loose and comfy, and is black! Notice how these tops/bottoms can interchange with each other easily.


Anywaythose are my top 3 rules for packing. If you want more tips on how to pack please email me and let me know! I would love to do more posts like this if you find it helpful :) Or if you have a trip coming up, please book a Shopping Appointment and we can help you outfit plan for you! 

Here are some of my favorite highlights from my trip! I'm back in-store starting today so visit me anytime :) We can chat more about travel, food, and fun! Missed you guys....

Beignets from the famous Café Du Monde
Alligator Tour Last minute tickets to BEYONCÉ + JAY Z

Swimming with Manatees
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! (Nerd Alert - that's me) Disney World's Animal Kingdom



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