We Will Miss You Ward!

The end is near.  Our last day at Ward Warehouse is Sunday June 25th and we can't help but reminisce about our wonderful time here.  We moved in exactly one year ago and it changed our lives...We took a chance, opened our small retail/workshop with Allison Izu - everything happened so fast and we were hopeful at this first real shot for our own store.  The amount of support we received from the neighborhood, our loyal customers, and new friends we made by being here, has launched us into a new realm of success and we are so grateful.  Since it's the end of an era - we decided to share a few of our favorite things about Ward and what we'll miss the most.  

First and foremost we will miss our space - we threw it together in 3 days and it's been the best home.

We will also miss our neighbors.  We've made such good friends here while at Ward! We collaborated on shop-around events with stores like Eden In Love, Island Soap Factory, and Big Bad Wolf.  Our lunch breaks (which we take SUPER seriously) are filled with our nearby eateries: Diem Cafe, Paina, Moca Java, basically all of them haha.

Diem Cafe is one of Summer's favorites. She's wearing the JOY Bow Back Dress in red.

On our rough days we get afternoon pick-me-ups from Dairy Queen!

Everyone always likes Paina Poke Bowls for lunch...

Lastly we will miss the art & culture around here. Ward has a kind of artist/creative vibe.  It's nice to be surrounded by art galleries and other makers.

Mari is wearing her favorite Mahina Kaftan Maxi in black.

A shopper wearing our Erin Midi Skirt (in-store only) at the Honolulu Biennial.  
The iconic Biennal Piggy :) So cute...

So these are just a few of our favorite Ward things...there is so much more that we will miss being immersed in but we didn't want to bore you with EVERYTHING :P.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported our dream while being here. We are growing into new beginnings thanks to all of you.  Stay tuned for news of our new home!! OH AND the whole store + online is 50% OFF EVERYTHING so shop until Sunday 6/25! Use Code: MOVING50 for online orders :) 

Ten Tomorrow Team

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