BTS (Behind The Scenes) of Our Web Product Shoot

Hey Everyone!!

Thank you so much for all your online orders this past holiday weekend! We are so happy that you all got a little Ten Tomorrow fix while we are renovating our new home :) We just had to throw up our New Arrivals online for you all to peek at before our next opening!  We also wanted to share a BTS look at what goes into a web shoot! It's one of our favorite parts of the job...kind of a work-hard-play-hard project. 

First we start with a "Shot List".  We detail all the products that need to be shot, style them into outfits, and line them up for the model. We try to style outfits together in a way that will inspire you to try something new...

Did we mention we get to play with shoes? Luckily our model has an excellent shoe collection we get to style into the shoot. We try to utilize our shoes to evoke feelings of: "work wear", "resort wear", and/or "sporty" vibes. 

So that's where we start... Allow us to introduce our photographer. His name is Brandon Smith and he's the best. CLICK HERE for his website. He is so personable, professional, and has a careful eye to help us look THE BEST. 
(Side Note: He does weddings and family portraits too...In case you need photos)

This is the place where we get technical. Brandon and our model BJ work together to get the nicest front, side, back, and "fun" shots.  We concentrate hard to make sure lighting is perfect - no weird shadows, color is as accurate as possible, and the outfit falls properly.  It's not always easy but we make the magic happen.

Did we mention how fun we are? Here are a few silly outtakes of us fooling around. We can't finish a shoot without at least a couple laugh breaks. We love our creative team... :)

Anyway, that's the fun and exciting part of the process.  This particular shoot only lasted a couple hours.  The after-party is the HARD WORK.  Because we are the designers, we edit the photos. We get to choose, edit, and upload all pictures we like that best represent our design.  While the shoot is fast, editing/uploading of this shoot took over 16 hours of straight work. Here is a before and after shot so you can see subtle things we have to touch up before sharing it online with everyone.  I know it seems minor...but everything matters. 

It's tedious but these are some of the steps we take when editing a photo (Try to see if you can see the difference between the 2):
1. Crop the photo - include straightening if needed 
2. Touch up wall + floor 
3. Adjust lighting 
4. Adjust color ever so slightly
5. Fix skin color on legs 
6. Sometimes we have to edit clothing to remove a stray wrinkle or two but we generally don't touch the clothes because we want the photo to represent a "real" fit. 

We aren't the BEST editors - Summer is NOT formally trained but we learn on the fly. Luckily BJ is a great model! We love her athletic build and natural curves. She's 5'9" so be careful when judging length of pants and dresses...if you're like us - she's def REALLY tall. 

And that's that! We aren't sure if this was interesting to you...we just wanted to share what we do in the back office sometimes. It's a day-in-the-life moment? If you ever have ANY fit questions or concerns while ordering online - feel free to email us your thoughts and we can help guide you to your perfect size.  OH and fret not, all online orders are fully refundable so PLEASE try something new :) You might find a new favorite. It's risk free!

Happy shopping everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing 4th of July holiday! Peeks at our new space coming soon....


Ten Tomorrow Team

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