We're HOME!

It's official!! We are finally home.  The ALLISON IZU x TEN TOMORROW Design House is ready! We opened our new boutique/workspace in the heart of Kaimuki at 1114 11th Ave.  It's almost surreal after having to move so many times thus far but it feels good to be here and we are ready to lay down some roots and get comfy.  We love the neighborhood and our space - we strive to create something warm, welcoming, and fun.  

Please come to our GRAND OPENING! Details are:
Saturday July 22nd from 2p-6p
Catering by - Our Kaimuki neighbors: 12th Ave Grill, Big City, Pipeline Bakery, and more
Pop Ups by - Our friends : A. Wattz, Salvage Public, and The Public Pet 
*Complimentary Valet available starting at 2p

We put our heart and soul into creating this adorable 2-story house of ours.  The first floor is our store where you can shop OUR brand and our BFF brand - Allison Izu.   The 2nd floor is our design workspace, hence the name "Design House".  We were on a strict budget and had to DIY most of the space... We are incredibly thankful for handy husband/boyfriends and girls who don't mind getting dirty.  We REALLY wanted to share our process with you so here are some before and after pics! 

This is a cute time lapse video of us moving into the workspace upstairs. Keep in mind these machines/tables are HEAVY and we don't have an elevator...just stairs....so many stairs. Oh and below is the BEFORE pic...the original carpet = BLEH.

So the upstairs room used to be a classroom for Dower Realty.  It was the PERFECT size and shape to build our design studio.  

We decided to paint every room white...we love all things white! It took a painstaking FIVE coats to get it right. Summer and Allison got their arm work out for the week just doing this one room. 

Also, the carpet HAD TO GO. We have never replaced carpet before so this was a first.  To tear it up, re-glue the floor, cut, and lay the new carpet was an intense process to say the least.  It was well worth it though! 

Now let's move downstairs! Decorating our store was fun and challenging - because it's built like a house there are several different rooms that break up our normal open space layout.  We decided to try to make it look like a giant walk-in closet that customers can explore.  Each room has a different color story or vibe... We also wanted LOTS of seating so that everyone (husbands/boyfriends/kids included) feel welcome to hang out. 

After countless visits to Ross, TJ Maxx, and Target - we found enough carpet, furniture, and small decorations to complete each room. Oh and we are so happy our little plant from Ward managed to make it to our new home. :) 

TA-DA! This is our main entrance :) We likey? Does it say come in and shop your worries away?

So this is it!! The sign is still a temporary banner until we get our real one but we can't describe how EXCITING it is to see our name on it.  That's US! YAY! Allison's husband is a talented landscaper (shameless plug) look him up! His business is called Song Scapes. He turned our Hawaiian landscaping into something a little more modern and us.  :) 

We hope to see you all here soon!! Our little getaway in the middle of town. We've got lots of parking out front and new arrivals inside! 

Ten Tomorrow Team

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