While We Are Staying In...

Well it's been a long couple of weeks at home huh? We hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and positive! Our last blog featured our tips on how to get set up for working at home; but we've all probably gotten into the groove of that right? THIS blog we wanted to feature some ideas that can enrich our PERSONAL LIVES! We got together with some of our friends to hopefully share some creativity and things to keep you happy while spending some QT at home. 

First up - let us introduce AMANDA! If you've tuned into our IG Lives, then you probably seen Summer sipping on something. Nine out of ten times, it's MATCHA! And you've probably heard her favorite brand is found at the store AWA+OLENA. Owner/Designer Amanda Watkins has shared her wonderful recipe to the perfect morning matcha blend!! It's LIFE-CHANGING.

Ok up next - meet Jessica! She's the beautiful soul behind Plant Sax. Now, we don't know about you...but the entire TT Team does not have a great track record with keeping plants healthy and happy. Summer has been really making an effort on her balcony to grow something, ANYTHING. We reached out to Jessica Heiman to share her TOP 5 TIPS for Plant Care. She also listed easy plants for beginners. For the record, one of those plants is THE ONLY ONE that we've managed to keep alive for years. 

Again, with the theme of this blog being quarantine - we know that (hopefully) all of our kitchens are stocked with non-perishables or canned goods. We reached out do Cassie Louie for an easy recipe for Chinese Corn Soup! MmmMMm. It's like the classic egg drop soup but with a corn twist. She's always cooking something with her Popo on IG and this is just one of their basics that we thought fit the times now.

We are so grateful for these quick tips, ideas, and recipes for a better home life! Here's just a quick update from our own team and a sneak peek at how we are all surviving/thriving on a personal level.

  • Summer - she recently started taking Wainani Wellness's online Pilates and Functional Class. Also she's starting a new book "I'll Be Gone In The Dark" by Michelle McNamara. If you didn't know, she's a hardcore crime TV fan so this is just her way of taking a break from Netflix and dive back into reading.
  • Mari - has been keeping busy sewing masks for our latest donation. To infuse some sunshine into her life, she took time to paint her nails a sunny yellow :) She's our beauty queen guru and always knows the coolest colors and latest products out
  • Nikki - is enjoying spending time with the family. She and her son are playing Mine Craft or Animal Crossing (the latest quarantine fad). She's also supervising while the kids cook!

Well - we hope you enjoyed these tips, tricks, and insider peek at our STAY-AT-HOME lifestyle. Thanks for reading along. Update us if you try any of these things or send us your ideas that we can share! Also, stay TUNED to our IG for an exciting GIVEAWAY that will be starting SOON. 

Wishing we could see you all soon! Stay strong!

The TT Team

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