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Hi Everyone!

In case you don't know, it's official - the TEN TOMORROW boutique/workshop is temporarily closed due to the Hawaii Statewide "Stay-at-Home" mandate. We hope to re-open as soon as possible but we completely agree that this is what's best for the safety of our beloved community.

Like many others, the TT Team is now finding themselves in uncharted territory and "Working From Home" aka WFH (Did anyone else need someone younger to tell them what WFH meant?). We are trying our best to navigate this new world and wanted to take a moment and share our tips for staying productive.

Here are the TT Team's TOP 5 TIPS for Working At Home:

This was our #1 priority when getting situated at home. Summer lives in a tiny one-bedroom apartment but moved a few things to create her own "TT Nook". Mari is transforming her family storage room to accommodate her own work corner. Nikki built a mini TT boutique in her living room where she can comfortably ship orders from. 

  • It helps to keep everything IN ONE PLACE. Staying organized in a designated place will help alleviate things getting lost but also sets the standard for a work mentally within a boundary. 
  • Try to create your space away from distractions (Summer purposefully set her view away from the TV). Don't use the couch! Let that be your R&R station and separate from your work mode area. 
  • It might be tempting (and we've all dreamed of it) to do a full PJ day but instead... Get into work mode by getting dressed. This really helps solidify the professional mindset and prepare you for any video calls

Each one of the TT Team Members has daily shifts and responsibilities to stay on top of. We make sure to share our availability with not only our team, but with our family/friends that we live with. We also make sure to have a balance. Now that we are working from home, it's easy to ALWAYS BE WORKING or vice versa so we stick to work hours and include breaks.

  • Create that work routine! Setting hours can help motivate you to work as well as set the time when you can "turn off". This includes lunch breaks! Use those breaks to make a meal, enjoy a walk, refresh from the work by intentionally stepping away. 
  • This is probably a tip that's great for just working in general - Prioritize your tasks. Focus on what you really need to get done. Make a To-Do List for the day to stay focused. 
  • Most importantly - END THE WORK DAY. With everything going on in the news, stress of working out of the's vital to recharge and clock out.

Obviously we know what will be the biggest distraction for Summer (haha)...But there could be others, the call of Netflix or maybe friends who want to FaceTime. Together as a team we find that communication is the best tool to stay on task. 

  • Share your work needs - when you're busy, if you need quiet time, and when you'll be free. This is new for everyone! It's ok if it take a while to get used to :) 
  • Work with your employer or team members to coordinate the best schedule for you. We all have to work around family, kids/cats, and whatever else is happening so share if there's something you need flexibility around.
  • USE HEADPHONES - this is Summer's best tool to keep a curious Chad at bay haha

We fear missing each other or burning out. It's essential for us as friends + team members to stay in touch and take care of ourselves. Also, we have to stay active! Summer is already dancing from her chair on short bursts to stay happy.

  • Don't forget to MOVE YO BODY! Stand up, jog, DANCE! Do something to help alleviate the stress.
  • Stay in touch...connect with your friends. We are all in this TOGETHER.

We at the TT Team have been using this as our little mantra. This is not what we had in mind when 2020 started and we've already had so many ups & downs but we will continue to be hopeful, grateful, and positive through this. We know that together, we can conquer anything. 

  • This is the new reality - whether we are excited or not. SMILE. Nothing about this is easy, but we will work it out :) We are all here for you. 
  • Be patient, most of this must be new so it's ok to make mistakes or change the plan (this is for you and those around you)
  • Lastly, when you're feeling down - find your support network. We connect daily with other girl bosses and talk about everything! It's comforting to us to know we aren't alone and that we can help each other. 

Ok!!! We really hope this helps improve some home-work environments! At the very least these are the lessons we will be working through as a team on the daily. 

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more behind-the-scenes glimpses at the TT Team at home and general updates!! We already miss you! 

If you're free, JOIN SUMMER for an IG LIVE session on Thursday 3/26 10AM. We can all chat, connect, share! This will be our VERY FIRST live anything - hope to see you all there. 

The TT Team

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